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HYUNDAI - a global TOP brand.

HYUNDAI is a world-renowned brand that has earned the respect of millions of consumers in more than 190 countries around the world. Hyundai Power Products technology means a unique design, a reliable and proven range at an affordable price for everyone.


HYUNDAI Power Products - for your wishes and needs!

HYUNDAI Power Products offers consumers the right technology for any season and need. Product quality is ensured by the latest production technologies, which set HYUNDAI apart from its competitors not only with its modern design, but also with the safe and convenient use of technology.

HYUNDAI Power Products provides an efficient and proven service in all Baltic countries, which makes this brand of products a safe and reliable helper for every user.

The price level of products is in the middle segment, which allows everyone to enjoy high-quality equipment at adequate and understandable prices.



HYUNDAI equipment is known all over the world for its combination of high quality and reasonable price and has taken its rightful place in the market together with well-known American, European and Japanese brands. HYUNDAI garden equipment and power tools are available to mass consumers around the world. HYUNDAI Power Products are designed for all household tasks.

The use of HYUNDAI engines ensures stable operation and fuel economy. You can be sure of the quality of HYUNDAI Power Products technology. We are sure that everyone will find the most suitable in our wide range of products.

SIA N-PRO is the official representative of HYUNDAI Power Products in the Baltic States, which provides support and service to every customer anywhere in the Baltics. By contacting our company to purchase garden equipment, you will be able to appreciate all the benefits of working with an official HYUNDAI Power Products distributor.