Gasoline Generator HYUNDAI HHY 10000FE ATS

    Gasoline Generator

    In 2018, the Korean corporation presented a novelty in the field of energy supply - the HYUNDAI 10000FE ATS gasoline generator. The versatility of technology, along with high power, ensure efficient operation both in private houses and in retail outlets, as well as industrial facilities.

    Recommended price: 1,071.92€

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Fuel Gasoline
Maximum power, kW 8.0
Rated power, kW 7.5
Engine model IC460
Engine output power, hp 18
Display Voltmeter / Hour Meter
Sockets 1*16A,1*32A / 1*32A
Voltage, V 230
Engine type Gasoline 4-stroke
Launch type Manual+ Electro+ Auto
Power factor, Cos 1
Voltage regulator AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Max. output current 12 V, A 8.3
Frequency, Hz 50
Working time 50% load, h 14
Guaranteed noise level at a distance of 7 m, dB 74
Engine displacement, cm³ 460
Crankcase volume, l 1.1
Built-in auto start system Есть
Weight, kg 89.5
Dimensions, see (LxWxH) 75х59х62
Fuel tank capacity (gasoline), l 25
Instructions: Download (1.46MB)