Warranty obligations

Hyundai has long and firmly held one of the leading positions. Consumers are very active in using HYUNDAI equipment, which means that the presence of service centers in each city is important to the consumer.

So far, 3 authorized HYUNDAI service centers has been opened in the Baltics. For the convenience of our customers, we continue to develop our customer support network.

With the advent of new authorized service centers, owners of electrical equipment, power tools, lawn mowers, cultivators and other gardening equipment will significantly expand their capabilities for quality repairs and maintenance.

2 years warranty for all owners of HYUNDAI power tools, chainsaws, garden and electrical equipment. 

At the same time as purchasing the product or service, you have the right to file a claim for non-compliance with the seller within two years from the date of purchase

Warranty conditions

The warranty covers:

• only for manufacturing defects and includes free repair of these defects;

• Most products require special care and regular maintenance. Maintenance procedures are specified in the instructions for use of each product. Maintenance may only be performed by specialists from authorized service centers. If maintenance is not performed in a timely manner and this was the cause of any malfunction (defect) of the product's connections, parts and assemblies, the buyer loses the right to warranty repair in its entirety;

• The maintenance of the equipment is not the basis for the manufacturer's (seller's) warranty and the consumer pays for it according to the price list of the authorized service center;

• If the identified malfunctions and / or malfunctions of the defective equipment are not notified in time after their discovery, the seller, importer or authorized organization has the right to refuse to comply in full or in part with the claims;

• The warranty excludes cases of force majeure that cannot be controlled by the manufacturer;

• During the warranty period, defects caused by the use of low-quality materials in production and assembly defects caused by the manufacturer's fault are eliminated free of charge;

• The warranty is valid only if the warranty card / voucher is filled in correctly;

• The product is accepted for repair in a clean form, in full set;

• The existence of factory defects is determined by the expert commission of the authorized service center;


The warranty does not cover:

• mechanical damage (cracks, splinters), damage caused by unfavorable working conditions, the presence of foreign objects in the product or ventilation grilles, as well as damage caused by improper storage (corrosion of metal parts);

• Damage caused by a clogged fuel system or cooling system.

• Damage caused by overloading the product, incorrect operation or incorrect use of the product, as well as instability of the mains parameters. Undoubted signs of product overload include melting or discoloration of parts on the stator or rotor assemblies due to high temperatures, simultaneous damage to two or more assemblies, scratches on the cylinder or piston surface, damage to the piston rings or connecting rods. The warranty also does not cover damage to the automatic voltage stabilizer of electricity generators caused by improper use;

• Damage to consumables that are subject to natural wear during operation (carbon brushes, cables, rubber seals, gaskets, shock absorbers, clutch springs, spark plugs, mufflers, nozzles, discs, pulleys, guide rollers, cables, starters, clamps, V-belts, bulbs, removable batteries, accumulators, filters and guards, lubricants, replaceable accessories, accessories, wheels, bearings, knives, drills, knife holders, trimmer heads, cutting chains, guides, control cables, locks and overload pins, fuses, shear bolts, brass gears, torsion springs, damper shafts, etc.);

• preventive maintenance, product maintenance (cleaning, rinsing, lubrication, etc.), product installation and configuration;

• mechanical and thermal damage to electrical cables;

• a product that has been opened or repaired outside of an authorized service center. Signs of opening the product outside the authorized service center are folds of the connecting parts, scratches, bends in the fastening connection parts;

• Defects caused by using the product with signs of damage (increased noise or vibration, reduced power, reduced speed, smell of burning);

• possible losses due to excessive use of devices equipped with hour meters (more than 150 hours per month);

• excessive use of household appliances (without interruptions);

• in case of natural wear and tear of the product (resource);

• if the warranty card is not completed or the Seller's seal (stamp) is not available;